L. A. Vogel Bio
Larry Vogel has been involved in photography since 1976 and in recent years has become a multi-talented artist using several mediums to pursue and express his creative explorations, including, photography, ceramics, painting and sculpture. Larry has exhibited his work since 1979 and continues to exhibit nationally and internationally, including exhibitions at The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite, California, the Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach, California, and the Africus, Johannesburg Biennale in 1997. Vogel's work can be found in numerous private and corporate collections. He was awarded a photographic scholarship from The Friends of Photography for the Ansel Adams Photography Workshops in 1983, which Vogel says he was fortunate to be able to attend, as it was the last of the workshops that the renowned photographer, Ansel Adams, was alive to teach.

Larry is a co-founder, and past director of The Photographers' Exchange, a membership group dedicated to fine art photography, which has held monthly meetings for members since 1990. After leaving the group in 2011, Vogel created the Digital Photo Exchange, a new group where he continues to hold monthly critique sessions with a new digital format.

Larry Vogel has continued to evolve as a creative artist. He has created several bodies of work, some traditional in concept and technique, while others are very experimental and abstract in technique and vision. Because of his evolving approach, neither he, nor his works can be successfully categorized or pigeonholed, which Vogel finds somewhat refreshing and liberating. Vogel recalls a statement by another diverse artist, one in which he declares, "My diversity may be my claim to my obscurity!" Larry says, sometimes he feels that way too.

Vogel continues his artistic evolution as he enters into the digital age. Although many of his contemporaries question and hold off the move into this new digital era, Vogel welcomes it with open arms. New works have already been spawned using multiple image digital techniques fused together in Photoshop. Vogel has also begun to use state-of-the-art digital output for all of his current photographic works of art. He has abandoned the traditional "wet" darkroom process in favor of the newest UltraChrome inkjet printing technology. UltraChrome prints are made using high-tech pigmented inks, which preliminary tests indicate color longevity that exceeds current "wet process" color materials.

Vogel has over 25 years experience teaching workshops. He has created and directed several photography groups based on the image critique process. He continues to offer his expertise in the critique process and has been sought out as a judge and instructor for many camera clubs and county fair organizers.

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